Buck mule deer, S Torbit

Results of the fall Steering Committee meeting in Salt Lake City

Green River at Mineral Basin, UT. Photo credit: Wikimedia

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Landscape characterization results of the SRLCC


We are committed to supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts through applied science for resource management decision makers.


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BIA announces Climate Science Coordinator position in Washington, DC

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USFWS seeks applicants for LCC Science Coordinator position in Louisiana

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March 25 Webinar: Enhancing the climate resilience of America’s natural resources

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USFWS seeks applicants for Public Affairs Specialist in Virginia

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Feb 11 Webinar: Mapping springs and springs-dependent species in the Southern Rockies LCC

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Snag density graph

Modeling Woody Plant Regeneration and Woody Debris

Rivers in the SRLCC differ from one another in flow characteristics, levels of regulation, and vulnerability to wildfire; characteristics that will be influenced by climate change (Seager et al. 2007, Mortiz et al. 2012). An understanding of how changes in…

Yellowstone Cutthroat Native Trout

Fisheries Database Compilation and Modeling

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) recognizes the need for a strong data foundation to inform science-based decisions for fisheries management at a watershed level. In preparation for a shift towards comprehensive watershed-scale planning, AGFD is developing a fisheries…