Green River at Mineral Basin, UT. Photo credit: Wikimedia

Learn about our activities and accomplishments in 2013


Landscape characterization results of the SRLCC

Steering Committee field trip to Valles Caldera, NM

Results of the spring Steering Committee meeting in Santa Fe


We are committed to supporting on-the-ground conservation efforts through applied science for resource management decision makers.


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President’s agenda aims to enhance climate resilience of natural resources

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Publication describes expansion of downscaled climate projection archive to meet user needs

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Oct 14 Webinar: A case study of Tribal climate adaptation among the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe

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Audubon lauches website on future of North American birds

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Progress report available for National Fish, Wildlife and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy

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Featured Science Projects

Habitat connectivity for mountain lion.

Connectivity of Habitats on Navajo Nation Lands

The University of California, Davis in partnership with the Navajo Nation is partnering with the Southern Rockies LCC to provide estimates of habitat connectivity for focal species on the Navajo Nation and adjacent lands that the tribe wishes to incorporate…


Soil Vulnerability to Future Climate Change

The Conservation Biology Institute is developing a tool that managers in all watersheds of the Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative can use to project the effects of climate change on soil vulnerability conditions and help resource managers develop appropriate strategies to…