Map showing parts of SRLCC focal areas for Four Corners and Upper Rio Grande Basin

Adaptation Forum Workshops in the Four Corners and Upper Rio Grande Basin

Grand Canyon, Photo credit: M Quinn, NPS (cropped)

Highlights from fall Steering Committee meeting in Phoenix

Green River at Ouray NWR; USFWS

Landscape Conservation Design in the Green River Basin


Landscape characterization results of the SRLCC



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Science Working Group Meeting, Aug 23-25 2016, Salt Lake City, UT

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Statewide Colorado stream temperature database & scenarios available online

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Sept 28 webinar: Springs and springs-dependent species in the Southern Rockies LCC

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Downscaled climate model dataset covering conterminous U.S. is now available

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Featured Science Projects

Vaseys Paradise, a gushet spring in Grand Canyon National Park. Photo credit: Larry Stevens

Analysis Tools for Vulnerability of Springs Ecosystem

The Museum of Northern Arizona will leverage tools previously developed through its Springs Stewardship Initiative to help resource managers in the southwestern U.S. collect, analyze, report upon, monitor and archive the complex and inter-related information associated with springs and spring-dependent…

Yellowstone Cutthroat Native Trout

Fisheries Database Compilation and Modeling

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) recognizes the need for a strong data foundation to inform science-based decisions for fisheries management at a watershed level. In preparation for a shift towards comprehensive watershed-scale planning, AGFD is developing a fisheries…